Are You A Push-For-Gold Parent?

A 'yes' to more than three of these signs means you have to lighten up a bit!
  • I feel extremely disappointed and worried when other children reach milestones earlier than my child does.

  • During family gatherings, I urge my child to perform tricks for everyone whether he or she likes it or not.

  • My child has the best voice in class, so he or she deserves to have the center spot in the special number.

  • It doesn't bother me when other parents tell me about their kids. My child's accomplishments always outdo theirs.

  • I always ask my child's scores in quizzes and exams, then asks what his or her classmates' scores were.

  • I always air out my complaints to my kid's teacher whenever I feel that my child didn't get the grade I think he deserves. I demand explanations and don't give up until I am satisfied with the answers.


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