How To Save Money Buying An Engagement Ring

So you've made the big decision and are in the market for an engagement ring. This is a life changing event and probably one of the most important luxury purchases you'll make in your lifetime. It can also be very expensive. In this article you'll learn some ways you can save money buying an engagement ring and still get a diamond she'll love.
Although there are many others, we're going to discuss three simple but effective things you can do to reduce the cost. Don't be afraid to use these tips and any other methods you may have to save some money. You want a quality ring, but there's no shame in getting more than your money's worth.

1. Negotiate With The Jeweler
Everything is negotiable. Everything. Don't take the price the jeweler names as the price you have to buy it for. Give them a counter offer that is significantly less than the price they named. Or try another tactic and ask for additional products or services to be rolled into that price. See how far they're willing to go to sell you a ring. This strategy will be much more successful at a stand alone jewelry shop as opposed to a chain store because there are less levels of approval to cut through.
2. Shop Around
You don't have to buy the first ring you look at, nor do you have to stick to one jeweler. Check out other stores and other styles and find the best deal you can. If a store knows they're in direct competition you might be able to get them into a bidding war with one another. This kind of competition could save you a significant amount of money. Either way, shopping around will give you a chance to consider all your options, allowing you to find a price you're happy with.
3. Research the Ring
Don't go to a jewelry store until you've done research on the process of buying a ring first. There are many things you need to know about buying a ring, and you can cut some of the costs if you are knowledgeable in how the process works and what to look for. Going to a jewelry store without researching first is just asking to be taken advantage of either intentionally or by overpaying. The more you know about how this works and what rings of certain qualities are worth, the more likely you'll be able to confidently negotiate a price you're happy with.
There are a bunch of other ways you can trim the costs of an engagement ring, which is good because they tend to be very, very expensive. The best thing you can do if you're in the market for a diamond is gather as much information as possible then use it to find offers or opportunities that will give you a quality ring at a good price. Whatever you do, don't rush to a decision. Take your time finding the right ring, because this is an occasion you don't want to mess up.


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