NEWS: A 10-Year-Old Daughter was Forced to eat Feces by her Father

A girl was forced by her father to eat faeces right after she had created a mess of her father's newspapers on Third of February.

According to a report by Zhejiang Satellite TV, a man in his 30s punished his daughter at a shopping centre in Hang Zhou, China, right after she misbehaved and threw his newly-bought newspapers over a floor.

Witnesses the station spoke to mentioned the man had dragged his daughter to a public toilet. He then scooped up faeces inside the toilet and smeared it to his daughter's face and mouth repeatedly until bystanders tried to stop the man by separating the kid from her father.

The police revealed how the man is really a university graduate and has been evaluated and discovered to not suffer from any mental illness. He is also divorced from his wife.

As the girl is under 10-years-old, her father has full custody of his daughter. The man was allowed off by the police after acquiring counselling.

Enraged netizens stated that the father needs to be punished by the law.

" If this were America, this father not only would no longer be able to see his daughter but would also be in prison " mentioned Zhanghuxk.

Another netizen rebeccasyh added, " Scum, China’s children are so miserable, all treated as the property of adults. Little children have their own minds too, and they have their own dignity!


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