Adam Sandler filming "That's My Boy" with a 3-Year-Old Baseball Boy

A 3-year-old boy's love affair with America's pastime has gotten Hollywood's attention.

Christian Haupt is addicted to baseball -- a lot, so that he's Christian Haupt is addicted to playing the sport at a skill level beyond his age. That is certainly not so rare. Nor is it strange that Christian's mom and dad recorded video of their hardball prodigy last summer at age 2, then posted it on YouTube.
But listen to what happened next.

How sushi can enhanced your Sperm

Hello Dads! in case you want your swimmers to obtain some tail action, most effective tuck into a plate of fish.


To realize the value of omega-3 fatty acids in male fertility, it’s essential to understand the anatomy of sperm.

As researchers inside the University of Illinois explain it, regular sperm are composed of a cap-like structure that surrounds the anterior end on the sperm head known as the acrosome.

Angry Birds to conquer the Facebook world

"Angry Birds", the most-downloaded mobile application of 2011, was catapulted for the world of Facebook inside a bid by its Finnish maker Rovio to acquire 1 billion persons playing the addictive game.

True on the game's quirky theme, a bird flung at a pig over a giant screen marked its official Facebook launch in Jakarta, the world's most Facebook-connected city.

Are You A Push-For-Gold Parent?

A 'yes' to more than three of these signs means you have to lighten up a bit!
  • I feel extremely disappointed and worried when other children reach milestones earlier than my child does.

  • During family gatherings, I urge my child to perform tricks for everyone whether he or she likes it or not.

  • My child has the best voice in class, so he or she deserves to have the center spot in the special number.

  • It doesn't bother me when other parents tell me about their kids. My child's accomplishments always outdo theirs.

  • I always ask my child's scores in quizzes and exams, then asks what his or her classmates' scores were.

  • I always air out my complaints to my kid's teacher whenever I feel that my child didn't get the grade I think he deserves. I demand explanations and don't give up until I am satisfied with the answers.

NEWS: A 10-Year-Old Daughter was Forced to eat Feces by her Father

A girl was forced by her father to eat faeces right after she had created a mess of her father's newspapers on Third of February.

According to a report by Zhejiang Satellite TV, a man in his 30s punished his daughter at a shopping centre in Hang Zhou, China, right after she misbehaved and threw his newly-bought newspapers over a floor.

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