The world's most expensive divorces as of 2014

Harold Hamm, a wealthy and influential businessman, may forced to pay the biggest jaw dropping divorce settlement in the world. Harold Hamm and Sue Ann still in the process of divorce while their trial remains tightly under wraps, the divorce case is worth around $20 billion dollars.

Let's start to jaw drop. After 17 years of marriage, a $168 million separation settlement of National Basketball Association star Michael Jordan and Juanita. Juanita received this settlement along with their mansion in Chicago and custody of their three kids.

Miracle reunion: Parents find children lost in 2004 tsunami

In Indonesia, a couple rejoined with their young girl 10 years after a wave snatched her from their arms ensured Tuesday to have found their tyke, who was moreover cleaned up inside the fiasco.

Jamaliah and her life partner Septi Rangkuti had a confident event that take the adolescent they stay is their truant youngster, days in the wake of discovering their young person.

Happy three little angels dancing to Pharrell Williams' song

I just got three times happier when I watched this video.

Parenting Level: Smart (Louie 2010)

Louis C.K.'s got to be the coolest dad ever.

Could this be the solution for men who want to be fathers?

A new hope for male with infertility is a Synthetic protein.

Richard Oko, leader of research team from Queen;s University in Canada, has discovered a new method of succeed in persuading fertilization using a synthetic version of the protein PAWP found in sperm cells.

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