Why Would Parents Demand Much From Their Children?

Here are several factors:

Family background

Continuing the family ‘legacy’ is important for most parents. For instance, if you come from a family of doctors, chances are, you will be expected to become one, too, regardless of your capacity or inclination. When one or both parents are achievers, they don’t see any reason for their talents not to manifest themselves in their children.

Economic stress

Some average income earners force kids to excel beyond their abilities so they can avail of scholarship grants and minimize the cost of schooling in their budget.

Children owe it to them

Many parents think that the formula to their children’s success is to provide them with everything. And since everything is given, there is no reason why they cannot excel.

“If her child can do it, why can’t mine?”

Hearing parents boast about their kids’ success causes other parents to fell envy and even self-doubt. Because they feel this way, parents then put more pressure on their kid.

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