NEWS: Three toddlers die in fire - Pasay City, Philippines

3 siblings died inside a fire that razed a Pasay City slum Saturday night.

Arson investigators recognized the fatalities as Chris Alberca, three; and his twin brothers John Jason and John Angelo, two.

"Their parents have been out as soon as the fire broke out," said Chief Inspector Douglas Guiyab, the city fire marshal.

The fire spread from the shanties behind the old Department of Affairs building along F.B. Harrison street. It began about 11:45 p.m. and reached fourth alarm just before it was put out 3 hours later.

Six people, along with a four-year-old, had been hurt, although 100 families were affected by the fire.

Guiyab mentioned that the cause and origin of the fire is nonetheless under investigation. He added probers are getting problem in investigating due to the fact that no one wants to come forward.

Bernadette Bubutan dries pictures of her three children, which she saved from a shanty fire in Pasay city, Philippines

According to Guiyab, investigators had been initially told that a lit candle was left unattended just before the fire broke out. "But we don't know who and exactly where simply because no one desires to become a witness," he said.

The government observes Fire Prevention Month every March.


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