NEWS: Adolf Hitler had illegitimate son with French teenager

Adolf Hitler had a son with a French teenager while serving as being a soldier during the Very first World War.

Jean-Marie Loret, who died in 1985 aged 67, in no way met his father, but went on to fight Nazi forces during the Second World War.

His extraordinary story has now been backed up by a variety of compelling evidence, both in France and in Germany, that is certainly published during the latest edition of Paris's Le Point magazine.

Hitler is mentioned to have had an affair with Loret's mother, Charlotte Lobjoie, 16, as he took a break from the trenches in June 1917.

Although he was fighting the French near Seboncourt, inside northern Picardy region, Hitler made his way to Fournes-in-Weppe, a little town west of Lille, for normal leave, exactly where he met Lobjoie.

The pair began a brief relationship, which resulted during the birth of Jean-Marie, who was born in March 1918 right after becoming conceived during a "tipsy" evening in June 1917.

Jean-Marie was, like thousands of other French youngsters with German soldier fathers, badly treated by his peers at school.

He was known as "the son of the Bosh", and usually had fights as he tried to defend his father, who had by now disappeared more than the border to Germany.

Lobjoie, meanwhile, refused to discuss Jean-Marie's father, and ended up giving her only son away for adoption during the 1930s to a family known as Loret.

Just before her death in the early 1950s, Lobjoie finally told Jean-Marie that his father was arguably probably the most infamous dictator in human history.

Loret said: "In order not to get depressed, I worked non-stop, never took a holiday, and had no hobbies. For twenty years I didn't even go for the cinema."

Hitler, who was born in an Austrian village, often spoke of his adore for France, and particularly for Paris.

Although he never officially had any sons or daughters of his own, Hitler always spoke of his love of kids and animals.

He married his mistress, Eva Braun, as the Red Army shelled his bunker in Berlin, in 1945, and committed suicide shortly afterwards.


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